Saturday, August 06, 2005

Eiji, They Hardly Knew Ye

Ultraman Next
"You're In My Way!"

Gah! Studio stupidity, international style. Guess it's not just a local phenom. Take beloved long-running through countless incarnations Japanese TV series and "reinvent" it, classic committee style.

Because, after all, a movie about a man that turns into a giant, silver alien in order to battle giant, rubber-suit monsters should be dark, pretentious, and plodding.

The whole movie plays like an American studio remake of a cult classic, complete with McKee style by the numbers script. Sad, slow, and quite uninteresting to know.

As a youngster, your intrepid troglophile would be glued to the screen Sat Mornings, entranced by the Ultra Original. Troglophile's very young nephew turned while watching "Next" and pleaded "Movie - all over now?" twenty minutes in.

And that says it all.

We only move from Gah to our final Meh because the climactic battle is a definite Aaaaah!


Monday, August 01, 2005

What are you looking at?


Me? I 'm looking at something pretty ugly.

It's called the PG-13 horror film.