Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like a Window Into my Mind

Who would have thought that one day Hitler would emerge as the voice of the disgruntled nerd?

And if you don't get this, that's all right. It means you have a life.

Paging Palin

Forge that Beck guy -
this video should show you who your soul-mate is.

"Did the president, did the attorney general say to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, "Now wait a minute, you don't want to plead guilty. Wait a minute you don't want to be executed. You want to come to New York City. You want to have the trial just like you asked for in the first place"

Don't go breaking my heart, Sarah. You belong together.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trouble for the Endtimes Ticket?

Beck 'grills' Palin on the "Couric Question."

I call bad buddy-pic! They're setting up the enmity so that later we will cheer when they team-up to save the country from the Satanist/Euro/Fascist/Haitian/Socialists of variant skin-tones.

Click for the clip:

What's worse, is that this means my dream ticket of Palin/Bachmann is in danger!

So, Sarah - this reminder is for you:


Now Here's Something to Smile About

But are they going to call it Star Blazers over here?