Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wonder Where They Got That Idea?

Just received the following e-missive from the LAPD:

LAPD West Valley | Email templates

Crisis Response Team Members

We would like to invite you to become a "civilian" volunteer member of our City's Crisis Response Team (CRT).

Crisis Response Team (CRT) members are community volunteers who respond to traumatic incidents at the request of the Los Angeles Police & Los Angeles Fire Departments. CRT provides immediate on-scene crisis intervention, attends to survival & comfort needs, acts as a liaison between the victim & emergency personnel and gives referrals to victims & their families affected by a death, a serious injury, a violent crime or other traumatic incidents.

These include homicides, suicides, serious traffic accidents, natural deaths and multi-casualty incidents. The CRT program is managed by the Mayors Office of Homeland Security & Public Safety in collaboration with the City's Fire & Police Departments.

The eight-week training sessions begins on February 2nd thru March 25th and are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the LAPD Academy in Westchester, located near Los Angeles International Airport.

Individuals interested in learning more about volunteering for the Crisis Response Team should contact Jeffrey Zimerman, M.S.W. Crisis Response Team Manager at 213-978-0697 or by e-mail: LACRT@lacity. org.

Training for new team members and to view here.

Jeffrey Zimerman, M.S.W.
Manager, Crisis Response Team
Office of the Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Public Safety
200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-978-0697 Phone, 213-978-0718 Fax

Please do not respond to this email, replies are not monitored
Important Telephone Numbers | EMERGENCY CALL 911
for additional Crime Prevention information, Log on:
Support the LA Police Foundation:

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Which, as the maker of this short some years back:

I find very flattering.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another Round in the Death of Creative Freedom

Once upon a time there was a fictional character named "Tony Twistelli" aka "Tony Twist."

Tony was a fat Italian gangster who in no way struggled against his stereotype.

But it was the '90s, and it was "Spawn" and nobody cared about things like that.

And he looked like this:

Meanwhile, in the world that likes to consider itself real, there was a hockey player named Tony Twist, who looked like this:

And, eventually the two worlds collided when someone mentioned the Tony Twist mob enforcer to the Tony Twist hockey "enforcer." The hockey enforcer's feelings were very, very hurt and so he did the only sensible thing.

He claimed that the comic Spawn had deprived him of income by using his "likeness" to sell comics, games, cartoons, and movies.

The creator of Spawn admitted that yes, he had named the character after the hockey player, but in no way based the character on the hockey player, nor used the hockey player to promote the comic.

But this is America, where people love to bitch about "trial lawyers" while awarding absurd judgments, and so Tony Twist won millions of dollars and a company went bankrupt.

(shed no tears, however, for this was but the working of a karmic miracle,man.)

And all this is but prelude to this disaster:

Jury Awards $100K to Woman Who Says Fictional Character Defamed Her

A Georgia jury has awarded $100,000 to a woman who says she was defamed because a character in the book The Red Hat Club had a mix of her own traits and other false characteristics that depicted her as a promiscuous alcoholic.

Stewart had contended novelist Haywood Smith, a childhood friend, had created the character SuSu with looks that resembled hers, with the same job as a flight attendant, and with similar experiences involving a second, conniving husband. But Stewart says she did not have other traits of the character, including a propensity to engage in casual sex and drink at work.


By a fictional character.

With a fictional name.

Gawd help us all.

More here:

I am now preparing to sue the estates of Shakespeare, Lee & Kirby for abusing my future career prospects by creating the characters of Falstaff and Volstagg.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The IP-Men of Mars

Somebody has discovered the Public Domain.
Sorry, Disney.
*Note: King Kong and Conan are also in the Public Domain, Traci.*

Monday, October 26, 2009

What God Hath Joined Together

Who Knew?

Thanks to director Paul Haggis' resignation from the Co$ (, it appears we have two, count 'em, two!, 100% American religions to thank for the travesty that was Proposition 8, as we see that the Co$ was also a sponsor of the bill alongside the Mammon, er, Mormon Church.

It seems that America's two great 19th and 20th Century Sci-Fi religions (Secret Histories! Lost Lands! Magic 3-D Glasses! Xenu!) can get past any forward thinking trappings they might share and embrace each other in service to the cause of bigotry and intolerance.

Huzzah to you both!

Maybe Haggis should team-up with Anonymous and direct The Unknown Identity.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


With six cylinders comes great responsibility...

Coming the December - if you are a Rus!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Boogie Tokyo Stormtrooper

I believe he is doing the "Gatsby."

Not to be confused with the Leia-Daisy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sign Me Up

"Assault Girls"
from Mamuro Oshii.

Who cares?
Chicks with assault rifles shooting sandworms.
Case closed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Love

Gigantor (Tetsujin 28) finally gets the recognition he deserves with this 1:1 scale monument:

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Because who doesn't want to see a man run through 100 fluorescent lights?


Soon to be the bane of parents of teenage boys the world over.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ma Men

This Just In

Tax evaders rush to beat amnesty deadline

"U.S. citizens with undeclared assets in tax havens such as Switzerland face a September 23 deadline to reveal their holdings, pay a fine and generally avoid criminal prosecution. When that amnesty program expires, any tax cheats found by the government could face criminal prosecution."

"Hello, this is the police outside. We're about to bust down the door to your apartment. So please flush all your weed down the toilet at your earliest convenience. We'll give you ten, no, make that twenty minutes. Thanks for your cooperation."

-from the Eternal Vigilance desk.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Daydream Mondays

Health care "debate". (more like health care capitulation).



(add your cares here)

Ad Nauseum.

So click through to cure what ails ya.

Shonen Style:

Isako Style:

Replacement Style:

Literal Style:

Monday, August 24, 2009

We Interrupt This Unfinished Series

In order to bring the following to your attention:


Venture Bros - Season 4:

Where The Wild Things Are:

Fantastic Mr. Fox:


Disney, Zemeckis Board 'Yellow Submarine'

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Disney and director Robert Zemeckis are negotiating to remake “Yellow Submarine,” the 1968 psychedelic animated film based on the music of The Beatles.

The studio has been quietly brokering a complicated rights deal that would give Zemeckis access to 16 original Beatles songs for a movie he will direct in the performance-capture 3-D digital production format he employed for “A Christmas Carol.” Disney opens that film November 6, with Jim Carrey playing Scrooge as well as the three ghosts who haunt him in the Charles Dickens tale.


via Failblog

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sibliterate Nerdprom Delayed Liveblogging Day 2

Making the hate words help words.

Good Morning, Twilight fans! 4,500 overnight campers for one 1 hour panel.

I opted for the excellent Bryan O'Malley spotlight moderated by the always awesome Scott McCloud. Scott Pilgrim will soon rule your world.

Twilight line morphs into angry avatar line.

Cameron. Making films to help Digital Domain regain market share.

Hey, it's John Patterson's boss! Seems like a nice guy to work for. Is he, John?

Del Toro goes a'hobbiting.

Mark Waid asks Gail Simone what it was like to work with Jack Kirby in the 1940's.

JSA panel breaks the news: new JSA title on the way. I start deciding what other titles to drop. Probably an Avengers title.

Somebody forget their cape.

Stark Industries recruiting booth.

TERRY GILLIAM! Getting the adulation he has earned. And Don Quixote is back on!

Terry brought a friend.

Matt Vaughn, Jane Goldman, Mark Millar came to promote KICK ASS. And it did.

Go see KICK ASS and see why this little girl got a well-deserved 6,500 strong spontaneous standing ovation.


And I am in front row!

Park Chan Wook explaining that his daughter is a Twilight fan, too, so he won't be trapped into saying anything bad about it.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sibliterate Nerdprom Delayed Liveblogging Day 1 Part 3

Special shout out to me fellow Redshirts - I promise to buy a bottle of the cologne...Just not to wear it - I am 100% an Antonio Banderas "Spirit" guy, myself...

This is just what my living room is missing...

Be seeing you...Interesting to see 1960's show imagery used to promote 2000's show remake that dispenses with it...


I do so love the Dalek.

Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Apple Juice -
a good way for a good New England boy to end the night.

Anon, nerds,

Sibliterate Nerdprom Delayed Liveblogging Day 1 Part 2

The "Classic"

Preparing for the "Extract" Green Screen challenge.


Cuz Star Trek's about tolerance and enlightenment

No, really, it is.


Dexter's Julie Benz desperately avoids our photo!

Good Night, Sweet, Insane Twilight fans...

Sibliterate Nerdprom Delayed Liveblogging Day 1

Note to FB readers - click on the link, or no pics for you, OK?

Surfliner Strategizing.

District 9 - to think last year it was only bathroom stall ads...

Soon to be missing banner...


I come for the lines...

Charles Band still needs to make a living...

we can be Heroes

at least for one day...

And last year they only had a table...

"The Mayans warned us" -- not really. I guess Terrence McKenna warned us had no traction...