Sunday, April 20, 2008

Diminuitive Defacer Leaves a Need for Decrypto

The Zenkoji Buddhist temple in Nagano Japan, considered a national treasure, was defaced with graffiti after they refused to be a part of the Olympic Torch relay event.

So, probably someone making good on these type of threats:
"Chinese people won't forgive [Japan] if the Japanese do the same things as the Americans and Europeans, such as making distorted reports about the Tibet issue."

Here's the strange part - as the video shows, the temple was defaced with lines and circles, spraypainted at a height of one meter, so no one is quite sure just what it means.

A curse? A hex? A puzzle? A really obnoxious viral?

See for yourself.

Hey Stupid!

Impressive. Now do it when it's not rush hour.

ATTN: Los Angeles Art Fags

Go see this show.

Now watch me pretend to be a journo and rewrite a press release:

Fourteen artistIC LUMINARIES ARE GOING TO USE photography to tell stories, create landscapes, and document crimes that WERE NEVER COMMITTED. A 'PHOTO-FICTIONAL' COMMENT (OR IS IT?) ON THE NATURE OF reality IN AN ERA WHEN mass media exploits people's faith in photography's realism.

It's like wrote it myself. I wish more people would send me Press Releases. I would post more and sound more clever doing it.


But enough about me.

Here's what you REALLY need to know:

Giallo. Giant Cats. Zombies. Muppets.

more info here.