Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speaking of Kirby

Guess who I am seeing next week in Vegas?

And with this guy, no less:

See ya there?

Dwiff Sez "Don't Ask! Just Click It!!!"

tis turned into teh wikud awesome weekend.

Cell Phone Investigator 7!

Takashi Miike!

'Nuff Said, Offendi!

"Do Not Try To Imitate"

Barry Gray enters the fray!

Church of Mysteronology?

"I Am Become Meme; The Spreader Of Mindwaste"

Look at all the trees growing from the seeds I planted, and no branches back to me and my readership of two.


Well at least Kino should get a good sales bump.

Recipe for spread:

Combine pop culture memes in new ways.
Have consumerable tie-in.
Plant in only the most fecund of soils.
Scratch head in wonder as it quickly spawns new seedlings across the memesphere.
Realize the words "Fight With First Ever Robot In A Motion Picture" is some powaful mojo.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Houdini Vs. Evil Robot


Robots! Biplanes! Niagara Falls!

Harry Houdini pwns Indiana Jones in this trailer for Kino's upcoming release of restored editions of his silent era thrillas.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, who is doing the VO?

UPDATE: De-Anonymized! Deeyamn!
Scroll down, and behold the faces of Anonymous! Well, some of them. According to CoS.

UPDATE UPDATE: account suspended! did Anonymous resort to a fraudulent DMCA takedown? Did YouTube scramble to protect privacy? Stay tuned!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: account suspended but "outing" videos STILL up at individual URLs!
Normally when someone gets suspended the videos go too, no?

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: "Someone" posts fraudulent threat video from supposed "members" of Anonymous. Someone tried to use BG image to track video watchers. Someone violated privacy. Someone forgot to read their terms of service. Somebody got pwned.

You see, unlike somebody, anonymous users contacted the feds about those fake threat videos. Unlike the 'threatened.' Who, you know, one would think would at least dial up DHS about anthrax letters and bomb threats.

Funny. Well, at least those horrible anonymous terrorists dropped a dime on themselves for the threat videos. Very noble.

For Superhacker Terrorists on Steroids. And we all know what hacking on steroids leads to.