Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, Did I Neglect

To show you the Watchmen Hoodies?
(image taken from Kung Fu Rodeo)

Glycon weeps.

Teach Your Children Well

Ung Pirat, or ‘Young Pirate’, is the youth organization associated with the Swedish pirate party. Yesterday it was a big day for the group, getting 1,325,744 Swedish Krona (Approx €121,900, or $161,700 US) from the national board for youth affairs. The amount is based on a membership count of around 1280 members, but with current membership of around 4,872, next years amount should be even greater.


Giving money to terrorists! Well I never!

Who Pays the Paymasters?

Picture Disc?

Although I am made uneasy by the sight of Watchmen Hoodies, this piece of swag gets credit for being era-appropriate.

May Glycon forgive me...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Behind Your Product

Because you openly advertize that it blows chunks.

"'4d' if you're wasted," indeed.

Not as wasted as the exec who thought that tagline was "edgy" and "hip," though.