Saturday, March 15, 2008

"I Am Become Meme; The Spreader Of Mindwaste"

Look at all the trees growing from the seeds I planted, and no branches back to me and my readership of two.


Well at least Kino should get a good sales bump.

Recipe for spread:

Combine pop culture memes in new ways.
Have consumerable tie-in.
Plant in only the most fecund of soils.
Scratch head in wonder as it quickly spawns new seedlings across the memesphere.
Realize the words "Fight With First Ever Robot In A Motion Picture" is some powaful mojo.

1 comment:

mh said...

The great thing about that 'bot is that once you kill it, it can be easily turned into an airduct junction piece for an office building. That'll teach it to mess with HH!