Tuesday, May 06, 2008


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From the SoCal Crime Map /Mean Streets
The flyers were made to look authentic correspondence from McDonalds, and stated that due to a string of robberies, African American customers are now required to pay an additional fee of $1.50 per transaction. Police were trying to get fingerprints off the fliers to see if they could identify the suspects.

I have to wonder, hate crime or just unfunny political prank?

As the "flyers were made to look authentic," isn't this actually an attack on McDonald's?

The flyers make McDonald's look A) racist or B) ridiculous or C) both, but don't actually say anything at all about African-Americans, save that they are being targetted by a faux racial price profile.

Perhaps this is a failed attempt at irony from someone pissed off about the "string of roberries," said person may even be a "cracker" -


Making a tasteless joke isn't the same thing as making a racial attack, is it?

And what about free speech issues? Do they not apply to anonymous attempts at LULZ?

Is there something I am missing?

Were the flyers downloaded from WWW.WHITEPOWERPRANKS.NET or somesuch?

Because calling this a Hate Crime, I just don't get.

And if it is one, how soon before The Mans starts hauling in every punk rock band that has a tasteless flyer?

Why, I designed a poster for my buddies' punk band back in my onbnoxious High School days that deployed Nick Utt's famous "Vietnam Napalm" photo with the tagline:

"Everybody Comes Running to See The Incredible Smerphuckers."

Tasteless? Yes.

Racist? No. At least my 17 year old self sure hopes not.

And so Hate Crime?

I say thee nay!

Uh, what was my point again?

Oh yeah - so which is it - "flyers" or "fliers?"

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