Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

Geek Hell
What to do?
Obviously it's box set or tin - and yes, I understand getting the tin collector's set is quite the big girl's blouse maneouver. I'll have you know you'll only find two other such "collectibles" on my shelves : "Wicker Man" and "Battle Royale" so go get biblically intimate with yourself. Normally the tin would not be considered, ah but this tin...the Kong tin...complete with "20-page reproduction of the original 1933 souvenir program, King Kong original one-sheet reproduction postcards and a mail-in offer for a reproduction of a vintage theatrical poster"... Program! Lobby Cards! Poster!

But the box set has the unjustly underrated "Son of Kong" and "Mighty Joe Young," two of the finer kid's monster flicks ever made...

What to do?

This dilemma is an


radiozero said...

get them both..

M.J. Loheed said...

Three copies of each. One for viewing, one for the safety deposit box "unopened" to keep it and bury the last in the back yard. I'd probably use the tin for that one.