Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meme-Maker,Meme-Maker, Make me a Meme!

Wha Tha?
Made in Japan
Remember those news stories about the 11 year old Japanese schoolyard slayer a few years back?

Well evidently the young, disturbed Gorenet fan has graduated in
to full-fledged cultural icon status - aided and abetted no doubt by her own anonymous status and compelling clip file blurry photo. Fan fiction, cosplayers, aManga, the works...

Maybe Battle Royale's lack of mainstream US distribution is a good thing, after all.

By the way , Battle Royale is an Ahhhhhh! (the good kind)


radiozero said...

whats the background on the schoolyard slayer?..news didnt get here

dwiff said...


has the scoop - and the post's title is a direct link, in case you forget.